Frenchaire Gardner shares hope and love to foster and adopted children in her award-winning children’s book.

TNR: You chose foster and adopted children as your target audience in your latest book. Why so?

FG: This book is very personal to me because my biological children have been adopted. Not only is it important to let my four children know they are loved, but it’s important for all children to know that their biological parents still love them despite the separation.

TNR: Why do you think children in foster care need the re-assurance of parental love?

FG: When children are separated from their biological parents, there are feelings of abandonment. My desire is to reassure them that their parents are still thinking of them.

TNR: Hope and Love is a poignant message for young children. Can you enunciate why this is particularly important?

FG: I have four children whom I haven’t seen or talked to in over 7 years. I can only imagine what they think about their parents. This book Mommy & Daddy Do You Still Love Me Anymore? Is a love letter to my children. A testament of my love for them. The book encourages the readers to dig deep and realize that even though they are not with their biological parents, the parents still love them.

TNR: Is adoption and foster care a limiting factor for young children and how can they overcome this mental barrier?

FG: Yes, it can be limiting for children. There are several coping and healing mechanisms which can be used to overcome this mental barrier. Having a great support system with their families will help them to not feel like they are alone. Talking to a counselor or psychiatrist will help to resolve issues that they face. 

TNR: What other genres do you write in, apart from children’s literature?

FG: I am a co-Author in two anthologies. One book is a #1 Amazon Best-selling 90-Day devotional where 90 authors wrote on the subject of Finding Joy in the Journey Vol. 2. The second anthology is an audiobook series where authors discuss their experiences during the Pandemic called The Single, Saved, Struggle: The Struggle Continues.

TNR: Which authors have inspired you on your writing journey?

FG: Jen Sincero who wrote You Are A Badass and Dr. Tamara Pizzoli of The English Schoolhouse.

TNR: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

FG: No, I haven’t always wanted to be a writer, but I love to express myself in creative ways.

TNR: Are you a full-time writer? If not, what is your full-time job?

FG: I handle calls and book flights for Delta Airlines.

TNR: How do you find the inspiration to write?

FG: Most of what I have written is based on my life’s experiences. I feel that someone may be motivated or inspired by what I have gone through.

TNR: In your view, how can a writer help to shape society positively?

FG: In so many ways, writers shape the world because art imitates life. Writers shape society by creating stories that can be visualized. They bring representation to the masses. For example, young BIPOC children see themselves in books when authors write books with BIPOC characters. Seeing themselves in books and seeing BIPOC authors who write these books are inspirational.

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