New Performance Night set to debut at The Central Bar, Gateshead

The inaugural “Everything Goes Shows” by Kaleidoscope ‘n’ Mic will take place at The Central Bar in Gateshead on October 18th.

There will be a variety of performance on the night, where spoken word, improv, and musicians are all welcomed onto the stage. The aim is to promote original work and provide a platform for creative talents to shine.

The event would also feature “Minutes of Madness”! These rapid-fire improv sessions will keep the audience in stitches throughout the evening, adding an extra layer of unpredictability and hilarity to the mix.

Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and prepare for a night of boundless creativity on 18th October. “Everything Goes Shows” is here to redefine the open mic experience!

Tickets are available at no cost or on a pay as you feel basis.

The event is Ran by: Andi Down, a poet and musician known as Opposite LCR, with experience in event coordination. Andi gained experience co-hosting The Stanza with Mandy Maxwell and Sharon Miley. Also, he co-produced an event at Benwell Library with Poet in the City through their Young Producers programme, mentored by Donald Jenkins and Amy Langdown. Now, Andi brings you ‘Everything Goes Shows’ at The Central Bar. Get ready for a wild open mic night!

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