Multi-Award-Winning Author releases collection of poems ‘A god in a Human Body’ to kick-start the New Year

Written by the incredibly talented Children’s author, storyteller, essayist and poet Tolu’ A. Akinyemi, ‘A god in a Human Body’ explores themes of spirituality, divinity and the enormous power that we possess while we traverse this earthly passage.

Multi-award-winning author Tolu’ A. Akinyemi has always admired the sheer force in humans and the ability to create and do the impossible. Understanding the enormous powers and the spirituality and divinity embodied within the human spirit inspired him to write his latest collection of poems ‘A god in a Human Body.’

The collection of poems is brimming with emotion and heart, and adds to the impressive literary resume of the multi-award-winning author cum financial crime consultant.

Synopsis of ‘A god in a Human Body’:

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is a philosopher-poet and a deep thinker, and his journey into the realm of the spiritual would leave readers in awe.

A god in a human body is Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s ninth poetry collection.

This collection is a meditation on the fleeting nature of human life. A god in a human body explores themes of spirituality, divinity and the enormous power that we possess while we traverse this earthly passage.

A god in a human body will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and its pages will leave readers craving for more.

Tolu’ said, “The journey of my life has been a contradiction of some sorts with pronounced duality as a sticking point: pain and grace, ups and downs, victories and losses. However, I am enormously grateful for the god in me who has refused to be buried despite the seeming challenges.

Continuing, “This collection is one that I hope would give people the confidence to put whatever talent they have to good use to achieve the impossible.’

Daisy K. comments, ‘I do not commonly read poetry, but I really enjoyed this anthology. The writing was very well written and emotive. I highly recommend to anyone who is a lover of poetry, and even people who do not typically pick up poetry like me.

Lara M. adds, ‘This poetry collection by Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is raw, but easy to grasp at the same time. Akinyemi touches on a broad array of topics, ranging from spirituality, power, patriarchy, divinity and race, and with every poem, he is able to touch the reader and make them feel yet another emotion. It is filled with brilliant word plays, critical thinking and gratefulness at the same time.’

In her remark, Zenne B. said, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading this poetry collection. This was easy to read and very beautiful. I loved the language. It touches on many themes and it was hard-hitting at times. Some poems I had to take some more time to really grasp the meaning behind it, but nonetheless it was a very pleasant experience. I definitely recommend this to everyone looking for a quick, but meaningful read.’

Humberto O. observed, ‘What a luscious prose! Definitely what one of the best poetry collections I’ve read so far this year. The language is impeccable, vibrant and heavy with imagery. Also loved the themes of feminism, spirituality, war, violence, and faith. Simply stunning!’

In conclusion, John D. stated, ‘A god in a Human Body has been beautifully written. It is a memorable and passionate, and inspirational book of poetry. This is a great collection of poems, a well worth a read.’

‘A god in a Human Body’ is available now: A god in a Human Body: Akinyemi, Tolu’ A.: 9781913636135: Books  and

About the Author:

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi (also known as Tolutoludo & Lion of Newcastle) is a multi-award-winning author in the genre of poetry, short story, children’s literature and essays. His works include: Dead Lions Don’t Roar (poetry, 2017), Unravel Your Hidden Gems (essays, 2018), Dead Dogs Don’t Bark (poetry, 2018), Dead Cats Don’t Meow (poetry, 2019), Never Play Games with the Devil (poetry, 2019), Inferno of Silence (short stories, 2020), A Booktiful Love (poetry, 2020), Black ≠ Inferior (poetry, 2021), Never Marry a Writer (poetry, 2021), Everybody Don Kolomental (poetry, 2021), I Wear Self-Confidence Like a Second Skin (children’s literature, 2021), I Am Not a Troublemaker (children’s literature, 2021), Born in Lockdown (poetry, 2021), A god in a human body (poetry, 2022), City of Lost Memories, (poetry, forthcoming – August 2022), You need more than Dreams (poetry, forthcoming – January 2023) and The Morning Cloud is Empty (poetry, forthcoming – March 2023).

Tolu’ has been endorsed by Arts Council England as a writer with “exceptional talent.” 

He is a co-founder of Lion and Lilac, a UK-based arts organization and sits on the board of many organizations. 

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