Timmi Kilgore offers hope through her debut book ‘A Rose through the Crack’

Bio: Timmi Kilgore is a successful entrepreneur born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Her skills, knowledge, and experience personally and professionally qualify her to offer quality support to an organization or individual that will lead to success. Experienced in healthcare, human services, social services, hospice, home-care, mental health, and drug/alcohol abuse.


Certified Professional Coach, Certified as an ordained minister, Practical nursing degree, Peirce College BS Health Care Administration, Peirce College MS Organizational development and leadership, Doctor of Human services (anticipated 2022)


Penn service award, Patient excellence PCA, Academic excellence Peirce College, Academic excellence Capella University, Inducted in the National Honor Society, Published Author


African American Chamber of Commerce

National Association of Health Services Executives

TNR: Who were your early literary influences and what inspired your writing journey?

TK: My first love of writing came from poetry, so of course I have to pay homage to Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and Nikki Giovanni, just to name a few.

TNR: What inspired your debut book ‘A Rose through the Crack?’

TK: I love to help inspire, motivate, and transform myself first, then others, just like the oxygen on the plane. Everyone says my transformation is amazing and as I step on my own platform, I decided it is time to start revealing some of my journey, but this is only the beginning.

TNR: What has been the highlight of your literary journey?

TK: The highlight of my journey and stepping in to my purpose after being told I am not enough and treating myself as such.

TNR: Which book(s) did you read this year that left a lasting impression on you?

TK: The year of “YES” by Shonda Rhymes

       Just as I am by Cicely Tyson

      Becoming by Michelle Obama

TNR: As a certified coach, what would you say to people who are experiencing cracks in their life? How can they find their rose(s)?

TK: Stand in your truth, it is what it is, so don’t be afraid because “IT” is you!

TNR: What have been the major challenges and learnings since you published your book?

TK: Walking in your purpose ain’t for those with thin skin. It can be lonely, scary, success, and failure. The object of the game is to keep it moving no matter what because it’s not about the fall down, it’s about the way you get back up!

TNR: Where can we buy your book?

TK: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Bookshop, and many other retailers, foreign and domestic, google it and see what works best for you. Of course, I also have copies.

TNR: What advice would you give to someone out there who has a story but doesn’t know where to start?

TK: Start at the beginning and let the spirit guide you. Sometimes it comes in bursts at the weirdest times and places. I have awakened at 3 in the morning with a clear vision of the next chapter. I have been at dinner parties and a vision will pop into my head. Just stay ready and be open! Don’t stop yourself from writing. If it’s not published yet, just go with the flow and the content will come.

TNR: Where can we find you (socials) and do you have any planned upcoming events?

TK: I currently have 3 businesses;

Kilgorefamilychildcare.com for profit

Kilgoreenterprises2021.com for profit

Kilgorekreations.com non-profit

More about me can be found on these pages. I can be googled, I am on social media platforms, and I do speaking engagements, so you may also find me at an event doing a workshop or speaking engagement. I am an Expert transformatist so if you need help to find direction, let me guide you with my book and book one-on-one sessions and services at kilgoreenterprises2021.com. The biggest obstacle between a person and success is themselves. Treat yourself to a book you are worth, you are enough, and then let me show you how you can be a rose through the crack too.

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